Quick Fact Sheet : First In India (Female)

1. First Indian Woman To Receive Lenin Peace Award
Aruna Asaf Ali
2. First Woman Vice-Chairperson Of Rajyasabha
Violet Alva In 1962
3. First Woman Session Judge In India
Anna Chandi
4. First Woman President Of Students Union
Anju Sachdeva Of Delhi University
5. First Indian Woman To Receive Norman Borlaug Award
Dr. Amrita Patel
6. First Indian Woman To Get International Grandmaster Award In Chess
Bhagyasri Thipse
7. First Indian Woman Ias Officer
Anna George
8. First Indian Woman T Reach In Olympic Games
Sini Abraham
9. First Woman President Of India
Pratibha Devisingh Patil
10. First Woman Governor Of State In India
Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
11. First Woman Prime Minister Of India
Mrs. Indira Gandhi
12. First Indian Woman To Swim Across English Channel
Mrs. Aarti Saha
13. First Indian Woman To Swim Across Strait Of Gibraltar
Aarti Pradhan
14. First Muslim Woman To Sit On Throne Of Delhi
Razia Sultan
15. First Woman President Of Indian National Congress
Annie Besant
16. The First Woman Chief Minister Of An Indian State
Mrs. Sucheta Kriplani ( Uttar Pradesh)
17. First Woman Central Minister Of India
Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
18. First Indian Woman To Climb The Mount Everest
Bachhendri Pal
19. First Woman Airline Pilot
Cap Durba Bannerjee
20. First Woman Ambassador
Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
21. First Woman To Climb Mount Everest Twice
Santosh Yadav
22. First Woman Judge Of Supreme Court
Meera Sahib Fatima Biwi
23. First Woman Chief Justice Of High Court
Mrs. Leela Seth
24. First Indian Woman Pilot In Indian Air Force
Haritakaur Dayal
25. First Woman Air Vice Marshal
P. Bandhopadhyaya
26. First Woman Lieutenant General
Puneeta Arora
27. First Woman Chairman Of Upsc
Rose Millian Mathew
28. First Woman Chairperson Of Indian Airlines
Sushma Chawla
29. First Woman To Receive Jnanpeeth Award
Asha Purna Devi
30. First Woman To Receive Bharat Ratna
Mrs. Indira Gandhi
31. First Indian Woman To Receive Nobel Prize
Mother Teresa
32. First Woman To Receive Ashok Chakra
Niraja Bhanot
33. First Woman IPS Officer
Mrs. Kiran Bedi
34. First Woman Doordarshan News Reader
Pratima Puri
35. First Woman Finger Print Experts In India
Sita Varthambal And Bhrangathambal ( Both Were Sisters)
36. First Indian Woman To Go In Space
Kalpana Chawla
37. First Actress In The Indian Cinema
Devika Rani
38. First Indian Woman To Become Miss World
Reita Faria
39. First Woman Speaker Of The State Assembly
Mrs. Shano Devi
40. First Indian Woman To Receive An Asiad Gold Medal
Kamalji Sandhu
41. First Indian Test Tube Baby
Harsha (1986)
42. First Woman Chairperson Of National Woman Commission
Mrs. Jayanti Patnayak
43. First Woman Chairman Of Exim Bank
Tarzani Vakil
44. First Woman To Get Arjun Award
N. Lumsden (1961)
45. First Woman To Win Miss Universe Title
Sushmita Sen
46. First Indian Woman President Of Uno General Assembly ?
Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
47. First Woman Surgeon
Dr. Prema Mukherjee
48. First Indian Woman Barrister
Cornotia Sorabji
49. First Indian Woman Advocate
Regina Guha
50. First Chief Justce Of Mumbai High Court
Justice Sujaata B Manohar
51. First Woman To Win Wta Tennis Tournament
Sania Mirza
52. First Woman President Of Indian Science Congress
Dr. Ashima Chatterjee
53. First Deputy Governor Of Reserve Bank Of India?
K. J. Udesi
54. First Woman Sahitya Award Winner
Amrita Pritam
55. First Woman Commercial Pilot
Prem Mathur Of Deccan Airways
56. First Woman Foreign Minister
Lakshmi N Menon
57. First Indian Woman At Antarctica
Meher Moos In 1976
58. First Woman Chief Engineer
P. K. Tresia Nanguli
59. First Indian Woman To Complete Her Mbbs
Kadambini Ganguli Bose In 1888
60. First Indian Paratrooper Of Indian Air Force
Nita Ghose
61. First Woman Indian Railway Driver
Surekha Shankar Yadav
62. The First Indian Woman Cricketer To Get 100 Wickets
Diana Eduljee
63. First Indian Woman To Get Magsaysay Award
Kiran Bedi
64. First Woman Secretary General Of Rajya Sabha
V. S. Rama Devi


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