Pinaka Rocket System

The Pinaka is a multiple rocket launcher. It was produced by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

About Pinaka

The maximum range of Pinaka is 40 km for Mark I and 60 km for Mark I enhanced versions. In 2019, a range of 90 km was test fired successfully. It is capable of firing twelve HE rockets simultaneously. It does this in just 44 seconds. (In technical terms, the Pinaka can fire a salvo of 12 HE rockets. Salvo is firing artilleries simultaneously). The Pinaka is mounted on a Tatra truck. The Tatra is a vehicle manufactured in Czech. Tatra company was founded in 1850 and is the third oldest car producing company in the world. Pinaka was first deployed during Kargil war.

Technical Details

The Pinaka is a MBRL system. MBRL is Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher. Each battery of Pinaka consists of six launcher vehicles. Each launcher vehicle has twelve rockets. Also, every battery has six loader replenishment vehicles, two command post vehicles with a fire control computer and DIGICORA MET radar. A fully loaded single battery is capable of neutralizing an area of 1,000 m × 800 metres. The Indian Army usually deploys a batter that has 72 rockets (that is fully loaded six launcher vehicles), one complete battery. All the 72 rockets can be fired in 44 seconds. This is possible with the help of the fire control computer. Also, every launcher has a computer to function autonomously. This helps the launcher during wars when it gets separated from the other five vehicles.


  • The total operational time of Pinaka system has been optimized for shoot and scoot capability
  • It has cabin pressurization to protect the crew
  • It also has blast shields
  • It is completely automatic. It uses microprocessor-based positioning and fire control
  • It holds night vision devices
  • It is capable of neutralizing enemy rocket or gun locations
  • It is capable of laying anti-tank mines and anti-personnel mines in a short period of time

Pinaka and Israel

The DRDO has teamed up with the Israel Military Industries to develop the Trajectory Correction System on Pinaka. This is an ongoing project.


The Pinaka system is usually deployed along with the Swathi Weapon Locating Radar and the Indian Army Fire finding radar. Currently, around seven regiments of Pinaka are inducted by the Indian Army. Around 126 launcher units are active along with 7 regiments. Each regiment has 18 launcher units.

Modes of Operation

Pinaka can operate in the following modes:

Autonomous mode: During this mode, the launcher is completely controlled by the fire control computer (FCC).

Stand-alone mode: Here the launcher is not linked with the FCC operator. The operator at the console gives all the commands and selects the firing parameters

Remote mode: In this mode, a remote control unit can be carried up to a distance of 200 metres. The remote controls the launcher site, launcher system and also to unload the fired rocket pods from the launcher.

Manual mode: All the operations are controlled manually


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