The ongoing lockdown conditions to curb the COVID-19 spread has affected the patachitra painters of Odisha and West Bengal.

About Patachitra

Patachitra is a type of traditional painting style that is practiced in Odisha and West Bengal. The term ‘Patachitra’ is derived from Sanskrit words- ‘pata’ meaning cloth and ‘chitra’ meaning picture. A patachitra painting takes 6 to 12 hours for completion and can cost anywhere from 500 INR to 5,000 INR.


The pictures are painted on strips of cotton cloth treated with chalk and tamarind seeds gum. These are then rubbed with stones to achieve a leathery finish. The canvas is then painted on using vegetable, earth and stone colors. The finished paintings are coated with lacquer and treated with heat.

Types of Paintings in Odisha

There are 3 categories of paintings in Odisha:

  • Pata Chitra- paintings on cloth canvas.
  • Bhitti Chitra- paintings on walls.
  • Tala Patra Chitra or Pothi Chitra- palm leaf engravings


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