Parliamentary Proceedings: Chairman warns against using mobile phones in RS

The Rajya Sabha Chairman, M. Venkaiah Naidu, recently warned MPs against using the mobile phones to record the proceedings of the House.


The chairman said that. unauthorised recordings and its circulation on social media are a breach of Parliamentary privilege and it will be considered as contempt of the House. He also asked the media who started telecasting the clips to stop doing the same since “it is not authorised”. He further said that the media could be “liable for consequences”.

What is the issue?

Recently, in the Rajya Sabha, Some Opposition MPs used their mobile phones to record the disruption in proceedings. There was disruption in the house proceedings over the farmer’s protest and the farm bills. These videos then shared on social media and it was telecasted on television channels as well.

What does the rule say?

The Parliamentary rules does not allow the usage of mobile phones within Rajya Sabha chambers”.

Rajya Sabha or Council of States

It is the upper house of the Parliament of India. The house has a maximum membership of 245.  Out of them, 233 are elected by the legislatures of the states and union territories through the single transferable votes while 12 members are appointed by the President. The 12 members are nominated for their contributions in literature, art, science, and social services. The Rajya Sabha is the continuing chamber and is not subjected to dissolution. However, one-third of its member are retired every second year.  The Vice-chairman of India is the ex-officio chairman of the upper house. Allocation of seats in Rajya Sabha is done in accordance with the fourth schedule of the Indian constitution.

How Members are elected in RS?

The members are elected using the method of proportional representation by the elected members of state legislative assemblies.




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