Operation Ganga

On February 27, 2022, the ministry of external affairs set up 24×7 control centres in order to assist the evacuation of Indian nationals from Ukraine. India also launched a multi-prong evacuation plan titled ‘Operation Ganga’.


Indian nationals will be evacuated through border crossing points with Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovak Republic. Ministry has activated a dedicated Twitter handle, ‘OpGanga’.

Evacuation of Indians

India started the evacuation of stranded citizens on February 26, under Operation Ganga, as Russia intensified its offensive against Ukraine. Evacuation operation started after Ukrainian airspace was shut for civil aircraft operations from February 24. So far, Indian government has managed to fly three special flights of Air India to bring back stranded citizens. The India Government is bearing the cost of evacuation, amid prevailing emergency situation. Under Operation Ganga, around 15,000 stranded Indians will be evacuated from Ukraine.

Evacuation Route

Ukraine has shut down its air space due to the ongoing tensions. Thus, Indian evacuation flights are operating from neighbouring countries like Hungary and Romania. Government is also facilitating evacuation of stranded Indians from its borders crossing Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland. So far, three flights of Air India, two from Budapest to Delhi & one from Bucharest to Mumbai, have been able to bring back around 700 Indians from Ukraine to India.




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