Nurse to population ratio in India

In India, the current ratio of nurses per 1000 population stands at 1.96:1000. This was reported to the Rajya Sabha by the Union Health ministry.


  • As per the records of the Indian Nursing Council, there is around 33.41 lakh registered nursing personnel in India.
  • This includes 23,40,501 registered midwives and nurses, 56,854 lady health visitors, and 10,00,805 nurse associates (9,43,951 Auxiliary Nurse Midwives).

Allopathic doctors

As of November 2021, in the country, there are 13,01,319 allopathic doctors who are registered with the National Medical Commission and the State Medical Councils as of November 2021.

Doctor-Population ratio

In the country, the doctor-population ratio is 1:834 assuming that there are 5,65,000 AYUSH doctors and 80 percent registered allopathic doctors. Also, in the country, there are 2,89,000 registered dentists and 13,00,000 healthcare and allied professionals.

Increase in Undergraduate and Postgraduate seats

The number of undergraduate seats in India has been increased to 89,875 as of date from 51,348 that was before 2014. This is a 75 percent hike from the previous numbers. The number of post-graduate seats in the country has also been increased by 93 percent to 60,202 in the current times from 31,185 before 2014.



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