NHRR Project: Government launches India’s first Nationwide Healthcare Establishment Census

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched National Health Resource Repository (NHRR) Project. It is country’s first ever healthcare establishment census to collect data of all public and private healthcare establishments.

NHRR Project

NHRR Project aims to strengthen evidence-based decision making and develop platform for citizen and provider-centric services by creating robust, standardized and secured IT-enabled repository of India’s healthcare resources. The census will be conducted under Collection of Statistics Act 2008.
It will comprehensively collect information of both, private and public healthcare establishments including Indian Railways, ESIC, Defence and Petroleum healthcare establishments. It will capturing data on over 1,400 variables of over 20 lakh healthcare establishments like hospitals, clinics, doctors, diagnostic labs, pharmacies and nursing homes.
The exercise will involve approximately 4,000 trained professionals who will approach every healthcare establishment for information collection. For this census, Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) has been actively engaging with key stakeholders including leading associations, allied ministries and several private healthcare service providers. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is technology partner for this project mainly for data security.

Expected outcomes of NHRR project

It will provide comprehensive data on all health resources including private doctors, health facilities, chemists and diagnostics labs. It will establish NHRR for evidence based decision making – aligned with Digital India mission. It will enhance coordination between central and state government for optimization of health resources, making live and realistic state Project Implementation Plans (PIPs). It will also improve accessibility of data at all levels, including State Head of Departments, thus, decentralize decision making in healthcare sector at district and state level for effective implementation government policies. It will enable advanced research towards ongoing and forthcoming healthcare challenges arising from other determinants of health like – disease, environment etc.




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