Newton Bhabha Fund

Newton Bhabha Fund will aid India and UK in engaging and expanding the scope of relations as

  • The Newton Bhabha Fund aims to bring together the UK and Indian scientific research and innovation sectors to find joint solutions to the challenges facing India in economic development and social welfare.
  • The Newton Bhabha Fund will use the UK’s strengths in research and innovation to support greater scientific research capacity in India and build research partnerships between British and India research institutions.

Under the Newton-Bhabha fund The Department of Science and Technology has undertaken the project with the Natural Environment Research Council, UK, to find solutions to the water challenges faced in the pervasively arsenic-affected Ganga River Basin. The project will be conducted at 3 sites which include- Bijnor and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh and Nadia in West Bengal.

The Newton-Bhabha fund together with enhancing engagements and collaborations aims to find solutions to the socio-economic challenges in India. The expertise of UK will aid in tackling the challenges of India more efficiently. Thus it provides twin advantage of collaboration and capacity building. [reference]



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