National Technology Day: May 11

Every year, India celebrates National Technology Day on May 11. This year, the National Technology Day is being celebrated under the theme:

Theme: Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future

The Ministry of Science and Technology organises several events across the country to celebrate the day.

Why is National Technology Day celebrated in India?

The National Technology Day is celebrated in India for two reasons namely:

  • To mark the anniversary of Pokhran Nuclear tests that were conducted in 1998
  • To highlight the importance of technological advancements for the country

What is Pokhran Nuclear Tests?

The Pokhran Nuclear tests were a series of nuclear bomb test explosions that were held in the Pokhran Test Range of Indian Army. This was the second nuclear test conducted by India. The first one was called Smiling Buddha and was conducted in 1974.

The five nuclear tests conducted were as follows:

  • First test was a Fusion Bomb
  • The rest four were fission bombs

These testes were held under the code named Operation Shakti. The tests resulted in several sanctions against India from all over the world including Japan and USA.

The tests made India the sixth country in the world to join Nuclear Club of nations.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

It was under the initiative of the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the tests were conducted. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam played a major role as a Chief Scientist conducting these tests.

The first National Technology Day was celebrated in 1999. Vajpayee announced that May 11 will be celebrated as National Technology Day.




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