National Standards for Civil Service Training Institutions

On July 18, 2022, Union government unveiled the “National Standards for Civil Service Training Institutions (NSCSTI)”, with the aim of raising their quality and capacity.

Key Facts

  • NSCSTI was launched at the headquarter of Capacity Building Commission.
  • With this, India has become the world’s first country to launch a unique model for creating a national level standard for civil service training institutions.
  • A web portal and approach paper for national standards were also unveiled, during the launch event

How will national standards raise capacity and quality?

  • Capacity Building Commission develops the national standards to,
  1. Formulate a baseline for central training institutes on their current capacity
  2. To elevate quality and capacity of training delivery and
  3. To harmonise standards for training.
  • These standards will also lay down aspirations for training institutions, to endeavour towards excellence.

Capacity Building Commission

Capacity Building Commission was created as a part of Mission Karmayogi for civil servants. The commission comprises of experts in related fields and global professionals. It will help in preparing and monitoring annual capacity building plans as well as audit human resources present in the government.

Mission Karmayogi

Mission Karmayogi is a “National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB)”. It was launched to build a future-ready civil service with right skill, knowledge and attitude. The scheme seeks to prepare civil servants in India for future by making them more constructive, creative, imaginative, innovative, progressive and technology-enabled.

Why was Mission Karmayogi launched?

Indian bureaucracy is facing several challenges such as political interference, rule orientation, promotional inefficiency and generalist & specialist conflict. Thus, this mission was launched to make changes in status quo of civil services.

Who will be covered under the scheme?

Mission Karmayogi will cover 46 lakh central government employees. It has been launched at an outlay of Rs. 510 crores for a period of five-years.




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