National Conference on Agriculture for Summer Campaign

The Union Agricultural Minister recently addressed the fourth National Conference on Agriculture for Summer Campaign. The conference is also called the Zaid conference. The conference focuses on summer crops.

About the conference

  • The conference reviewed the crop performances. Also, it fixed the crop – wise targets. The targets were fixed after consulting the state governments.
  • During the conference, decisions were made about using technologies to boost agricultural production.
  • The conference mainly focused on increasing the production of pulses and oilseeds.
  • The states were suggested to use better and new quality of seeds for better production of summer crops.
  • The representatives of the farmer unions and the self help groups also attended the conference. They were asked to provide the estimates of fertilizer utilization. Also, they were suggested to reduce the use of DAP fertilizers and reduce the use of NPK fertilizers.
  • The ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency) and the Krishi Vigyan Kendra were asked to work jointly and provide required training to the small and marginal farmers.
  • The State Governments were asked to provide certification to the entire area or block for organic farming. This way the farmers need not apply individually for organic farming certificates.

Announcements made during the conference

During the conference the Department of Fertilizers made the following announcements:

  • Total availability of urea: 255.28 LMT
  • DAP: 81.24 LMT
  • MOP: 18.5 LMT
  • NPKS: 76.87 LMT

Other decisions made in the conference

The pulses and oil seeds are to be promoted through Targeted Rice Fallow Area sub – component of NFSM. Also, they are to be promoted as inter – crop in oil palm and sugarcane.

Targets set during the conference

The crop area of pulses were set as 21.05 lakh hectares. The oil seeds are to be brought under 13.78 lakh hectares of land. Nutri – cereals are to be planted in 17.89 lakh hectares of land.

Current Scenario

According the 4th Advanced Estimates, in 2020 – 21, India produced 3086.47 tonnes of food grains. During the same year, 257 lakh tonnes of pulses and 361 lakh tonnes of oil seeds were produced. Around 353.84 lakh bales of cotton were produced. The horticulture sector had outperformed the agricultural sector.




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