Nanna Shale Nanna Koduge app

Department of Primary & Secondary Education in Karnataka developed an app titled “Nanna Shale Nanna Koduge”. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai will launch the app on February 14, 2022.

What is Nanna Shale Nanna Koduge app?

  • Nanna Shale Nanna Koduge app, (Meaning ‘My School, My contribution’ app) will be launched to help in addressing infrastructure needs of government schools, optimal use of hearing aids, shortage of teachers, and utilisation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds.
  • This app will provide assistance to several department in about 80 organisations, that are working to improve schools and school education in Karnataka.
  • It will provide details of any government school on the app.
  • It will also list out several things required by government schools.

Aim of the app

The app will be launched with the aim of providing accessibility to donors across the world. It seeks to develop a sense of ownership among public, stakeholders and alumni. It also seeks to strengthen the public education system. It further aims to provide quick and easy access to schools without human interface.

How will this app work?

The app comprises of one window for donors and one for schools. Donors will get a list of schools on need-based format, after logging to the app. They will have the option to donate material or money, after selecting a school. There would be fixed timelines in order to effectively utilise donations.

Construction of smart classrooms

Karnataka government also asked the corporates and non-profits to help in building smart classrooms across 43000 primary schools.

Investments for the development

Under the programme, an investment of Rs 875 crore will be required, wherein Rs 200,000 will be dedicated to each school. Department seeks to develop at least 100 schools by 2024-25 academic year. Under the Jalajeevan Mission, Rs 50 crore has been earmarked, in order to provide drinking water and constructing toilets in schools.




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