Menace of feeding wildlife continues in Bandipur

Recently, a television journalist of a national channel was penalized for feeding a deer while he was driving along  Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

What is the issue?

  • This incident took place after photograph of the journalist feeding a spotted deer went viral on social media.
  • Forest Department personnel tracked down him and let him off after imposing a fine on him.
  • Feeding of wild animals by tourists and motorists passing through national parks and wildlife sanctuaries has become a menace and it often takes place in Bandipur. Because, tiger reserve is bisected by two national highways. One cuts across the forest connecting to Wayanad in Kerala and another to Mudumalai & Ooty in Tamil Nadu.

Why feeding is a cause of concern?

Such practices of feeding wild animals are a danger for animals because they tend to lose their fear of human beings. Such animals become more susceptible to be trapped and poached. Further, animals can also venture into human landscape and could trailed by carnivores. It could also escalate human-animal conflict. Apart from this, if animals become habituated to being fed by humans, their habit of forage for fodder in the wild and survive through tough times could be lost in long term.

Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Bandipur National Park was established by including forest areas of Venugopala Wildlife Park. Area of the reserve was enlarged in 1985 and extended over an area of 874.20 Sq. Km. Enlarged Park was named as Bandipur National Park. This Park was included under Project Tiger in 1973 and its area was further extended to 912.04 Sq. Km.




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