March 23: World Meteorological Day

Every year on March 23, World Meteorological Day is celebrated. It was established in 1950. The Day is being observed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and also by the United Nations.

March 23 has been chosen as the World Meteorological Organization was established on that day in 1950.


Every year the WMO fixes the theme of the day. This year, the theme is aligned with the World Water Day that is being celebrated on March 22. The theme of 2020 World Meteorological Day is

Theme: Climate and Water

The theme focuses on drought, floods, frozen water and many more. The Slogan of this year World Meteorological Day is “Count Every Drop, Every Drop Counts”. Several Conference and Exhibitions are conducted on this day.

Significance of the theme

According to the United Nations, today around 844 million people lack basic drinking water. Every day 800 children are dying due to diarrhoea that is caused mainly due to poor water sanitation.




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