Manodhairya Scheme

The fund proposed for Maharashtra’s Manodhairya Scheme has more than halved from 2018-19 (80 crore INR) to 2019-20 (30 crore INR).

Workings of the Scheme

The Manodhairya Scheme is a victim compensation scheme introduced by the Maharashtra government. It provides financial support and rehabilitation to the victims. Under the scheme, the police are required to send a copy of the complaint and the medical report, upon filing of an FIR, to the District Criminal Injuries Relief and Rehabilitation Board within 24 hours. Currently, the implementation is carried out by the District Legal Services Authority. It also decides on the compensation amount.

Recovery of Compensation

In 2018, the government introduced a new provision for recovery of compensation from the victim. The maximum compensation allowed under the scheme is 10 lakh INR. In case a victim alleged rape under the pretext of marriage, full compensation is given only when the case results in conviction.  If the victim opts for out of court settlement or turns hostile, 25% of the compensation will be recovered. In all cases, 75% of the cases will be kept for 10 years in a fixed deposit.


The scheme is aimed at providing relief and rehabilitation to victims of rape, sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and acid attack. The Economic Survey of the state reveals a drop in number of beneficiaries under the scheme from 1,153 last year to just 462 this year. This is despite the increase in cases of crimes committed against women.


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