Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura Statehood Day

Every year, the states of Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura celebrate their statehood day on January 21. These states were formed under the North Eastern Region (Reorganization) Act, 1971.


The princely states of Manipur and Tripura were joined with India in 1949. They were then granted the union territory status. In 1972, Meghalaya and Tripura were granted complete statehood. The states were formed under the North Eastern Region (Re-organization) Act, 1971.


  • In 1947, the north eastern region of India comprised of Assam plains, North Eastern Frontier Tracts and hill districts. Later in 1949, the princely states of merged with India. They were made as union territories. The state of Nagaland was formed in 1963.
  • In 1969, the Assam Reorganization (Meghalaya) Act was enacted. Under the act, Meghalaya was carved out of Assam and was made an autonomous state. This was done under the sixth schedule of Indian constitution.
  • In 1972, the North Eastern Reorganization act was enacted. It granted full statehood to Meghalaya and Tripura. Also, under the act, the NEFA and Mizo hills of Assam were made the union territories.
  • The Mizo Accord was signed in 1986. The state of Mizoram was created in 1987.
  • In 1987, NEFA, that is, Arunachal Pradesh was granted full statehood.


The Hindu Bengali people are the major ethno – linguistic people in Tripura. 30% of the Tripura population is made of scheduled tribes. Kokborok is the major ethnic language of Tripura. Around 19 tribes speak the language. Climate of Tripura is tropical savannah.


  • The other names of Manipur are Sanaleibak and Kangleipak. Manipur holds three million populations. This includes Kuki, Meetei, Pangal and Naga.
  • In 1949, the Maharaja of Manipur Budhachandra signed the Treaty of Accession and merged Manipur with India.
  • The main language of Manipur is Meetelion. It is also called Manipuri. They also speak Sino – Tibetan languages.


Meghalaya means “Abode of Clouds”. The districts of Assam namely Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills joined together to form Meghalaya. 70% of the state is covered by forest. The state is the wettest region in India.




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