Manipur hosts B20 Conference

On the sidelines of the G20 summit, the State of Manipur hosted the B20 conference. The theme of the conference was Sustainable Growth and Development. It was in line with the theme of the G20 summit, which is One Earth One Family One Future.

About the B20 Conference

More than 23 countries attended the conference. Union Ministers for State for Commerce, External Affairs, etc attended the conference. B20 means Business 20. It is one of the engagement groups of G20.

Working of B20 Engagement Groups

The B20 engagement group or any other engagement group (like a startup group or youth group, etc) is led by the host country. In 2023, India will work with other G20 countries and frame policies.

Why Manipur?

The population of Manipur is 2.72 million. The northeastern states including Manipur are seen as the Gateway to South East Asia. Also, India is to implement its Act East Policy through these states. The Seven Sisters including Manipur will act as a bridge between South East Asia and India. After the India-Myanmar Asian Highway construction completes, it will only take 16-18 hours to cover the distance between Bangkok and Manipur. Also, there are plans to operate cargo flights between the Manipur capital Imphal and Mandalay, Myanmar.




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