Maip macrothorax: Largest Megaraptor Dinosaur

An apex-predator dinosaur has been discovered by Argentine palaeontologists. This dinosaur measured to be as tall as three stories building from its nose to its tail. It also used to disembowel its prey with its curved and sharp claws.

Where has the study of this dinosaur been published?

The details regarding this newly discovered dinosaur have been detailed in a study that has been published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports. “Maip macrothorax” is the scientific name given to this dinosaur.

Where was the fossil of this dinosaur discovered?

A team of researchers discovered this dinosaur fossil in Argentina’s Santa Cruz Province in the year 2019. The dig was interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the size of this dinosaur?

This dinosaur measured about 33 ft in length. It also had two sharp and curved claws in each front paw. The talons were 15.7 inches in length. This megaraptor is the largest that has been discovered. This megaraptor was lightweight and had powerful legs. This made it agile and fast.

During which period did this dinosaur exist?

This newly discovered dinosaur lived around 70 million years ago somewhere during the end period of the Cretaceous period. This species became extinct about 66 million years ago.

What did the newly discovered megaraptor eat?

This newly discovered six-ton megaraptor used to feed on smaller dinosaurs after ripping them to shreds with its talons.




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