Lok Sabha: Essential Defence Services Bill introduced

Essential Defence Services Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 22nd July.


Key Points regarding the bill

  • Essential Defence Services Bill is introduced with the aim to prevent the staff of all the government-owned ordnance factories across the country from going on a strike.
  • The bill states that equipment and hardware for the defence is important for self reliance in equipping the armed forces with advanced battlefield gears. Also an uninterrupted supply the defence preparedness of the country is very essential and hence, the ordnance factories should continue to function without any disruptions or strikes by the employees.



What jurisdiction does this bill allow to the government?

This will allow the government to declare the services mentioned in the bill as essential defence services. It also prohibits strike and lockouts in any essential defence services of the country.


Why does the government feel the need to introduce this bill?

The government has claimed that this bill is being introduced with the primary aim of improving the service, accountability and efficiency of these factories.  Also, that by going on strikes doesn’t disrupt the defence services of the nation.


Who will be affected?

This bill will directly affect around 70,000 employees who are currently employed in the 41 ordnance factories across the nation. These employees are unhappy with the government’s decision to corporatize the OFBs, fearing that their service and retirement conditions will be affected. The government has given them assurance that it will not be affected even after the OFBs are corporatized.


When will the bill come into effect?

If this bill is passed it will come into effect from 30th June 2021.




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