Lakshadweep becomes first UT to sign 24×7 'Power for All' document

Lakshadweep became first Union Territory (UT) in the counry to sign 24×7 Power for All document.
The document was signed by representative of Union Government and administration of Lakshadweep. At present, 10 inhabited islands of Lakshadweep are mostly fed by diesel.
The 24×7 Power for All document chalks out

  • A plan to increase solar capacity from 2.15 MW to 8.45 MW of the island region.
  • Envisions reduction of AT & C losses from current level of 21% to 6.7% till 2019 by increasing the collection efficiency up to 99%.
  • As a part of energy efficiency measures, 1 lakh LED bulbs will be distributed by Lakshadweep UT administration through Energy Efficiency Services (EESL).
  • Besides under UJALA programme incandescent lamps/CFL bulbs will be replaced with LED bulbs.
  • Additionally, 3000 conventional street lights will be replaced with LED street lights.

About Power for All programme

  • Union Government has undertaken this programme as a joint initiative with respective State Governments for preparation of State specific documents.
  • This document envisions for providing 24×7 power supply to all households /homes, commercial and industrial consumers and to Agricultural consumers as per state policy.
  • So far, 22 States have signed the ’24×7 Power For All’ Documents.




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