Khonds Uprising 1846, 1855

The Khond is an aboriginal tribe of India predominantly residing in Orissa and the Srikakulam and Vishakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh. This tribe was stretched from Bengal to Tamil Nadu covering central provinces. They are the largest tribal groups of Orissa.  They are locally known as ‘Kui’. Their physical attributes are characterized by strength and symmetry. Their skin color ranges from light bamboo to a deep copper shade, the heel in a line with back of the leg.

Khond Uprising

Khond Uprising took place in Orissa in 1846 and 1855. The Khond people were led by Chakra Bisoi. The Khonds in Orissa played a vital role in preparing the revolt of 1857 against the British Government.

Their mutiny included tribals from Ghumsar, China ki Medi, Kalahandi and Patna. The movement was led by Chakra Bisnoi who was a young Raja. There were many causes of the revolt which included British Government stopping the Mariah System (Traditional Human Sacrifice practiced by the Khonds), introduction of the new taxes by the British Government and the convergence of Zamindars and Moneylenders into their areas which was causing the tribal’s untold misery.

The British government formed the Mariah Agency against which the khonds fought with Tangi, a kind of battle axe, bows, arrows, and swords. It was then joined by Savaras and some other militia clans led by Radhakrishna Dandasena. Chakra Bisoi disappeared in 1855.

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    Khond uprisings were much earlier in 1836 when the Khond resisted progress of British in search of King of Ghumsar, who tookr efuge among Khonds.

    secondly, Chakra Bisoyee was the nephew of Dora Bisoyee who was a commander of Bhanja army and took charge of administration in absence of a regular king. Hence, Chakra Bisoyee was not a raja or prince. They were loyal to state of Ghumsar and resisted British and sacrificed to upkeep their honour.

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      Please read Dandapani Moharana as PROF. DANDAPANI BEHERA