Kerala’s Periyar tiger reserve wins NTCA biennial award

Periyar Tiger Reserve located in Kerala has won the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) biennial award for encouraging local public participation in managing the reserve.
Public participation in managing the Periyar Tiger Reserve

  • India Eco-Development project (IEDP): People’s participation started in the reserve in December 1996 by establishing India Eco-Development project (IEDP). It was a community-based eco-tourism initiative, which promoted tourism activities which helped visitors. It also promoted pepper growing in this region and marketing it.
  • Periyar Foundation: Later in 2006, reserve set up the Periyar Foundation which was a model for other reserves in biodiversity conservation and community participation in managing natural resources. It involved 75 communities living around the reserve, including tribal people.
  • There are around 19 different eco-tourism programmes apart from village eco-development programmes for public participation in managing the reserve.




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