Kerala removes age limit for transgenders in University admissions

The authorities of the state of Kerala have removed the upper age limit for transgender college students of the state who are seeking admission to numerous educational programs available in the State universities and its affiliated schools.



  • The resolution to remove the upper age limit has been done to encourage the transgender students in the State to pursue various postgraduate and undergraduate educational programs.
  • In the year 2018 the state authorities had sanctioned two seats reserved only for transpersons in all programs that are run by universities and affiliated schools in the State. This decision was taken to empower the transgender population of Kerala.
  • The authorities of Kerala had directed the state universities to undertake transgender coverage to deal with the differences faced by the college students who are transgender.
  • Views of the Kerala State Higher Education Council and the various universities of the state had been sought by the authorities before formulating the points on the basis of which the upper age limit for transgender candidates has been removed.
  • Kerala was the first State in India to have announced transgender coverage in the year 2015.



The upper age limit in the universities varied form program to program and this deterred in the admittance of extra transgender students. The universities of the state had requested the government to remove or relax the upper age limit for transgender students and the state authorities taking everything into account came up with this decision.




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