June 3 Plan: June 3, 1947

By the month of June, Congress had given consent to the partition of the country. On June 3, 1947, Prime Minister Atlee announced the Partition Plan or June 3 Plan in the House of Commons. The plan laid down the following provisions.

  1. The provincial legislative Assemblies of Bengal and Punjab would meet in two parts separately, one representing Muslim majority districts and another representing the Hindu Majority districts to decide by the vote on partition.
  2. In case of Sind and Baluchistan, the provincial assemblies would take the decision.
  3. In case of NWFP, the decision had to be taken on the base of referendum.
  4. A referendum was to be organized in Sylhet region of Assam which was Muslim majority.
  5. The Paramount of the princely states will not be transferred to either of India or Pakistan. So, they would in theory become sovereign when India is partitioned.

    Congress accepted the plan. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan called the Congress treacherous which has thrown the Khudai Khidmatgars to wolves. The partition became realty soon. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan rejected the referendum but the voting was done in favor of Pakistan.

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  • nationalist

    Khudia khidmatgars to wolves-well said,,,All of them were wolves