Jharokha- Compendium of Indian Handicrafts

Jharokha-Compendium of Indian handicraft/ handloom, art, and culture programme is being organized by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Textiles to celebrate the traditional Indian handlooms, handicrafts, and art & culture.


  • It is a PAN India celebration and will be held in 13 states and UTs at 16 locations.
  • Under this programme, the first event has been organized in Bhopal starting from 8th March 2022 on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
  • The location of the first event was Rani Kamlapati Railway Station in Bhopal.
  • This station has been named after the fearless and brave Queen Kamlapati of Madhya Pradesh’s Gond kingdom.

What did the first event celebrate?

This first event celebrated the contribution of women in the field of craft, art, and culture as well as womanhood. All the stalls at this event were set up by the women artisans making it even more special.

What will be showcased in the Jharaokha event?

The Jharokha celebrations will showcase handloom and handicraft products from across the nation. Weavers, women artisans, and artists who have provided significant contributions in reviving and promoting Indian handicrafts and handloom will also be felicitated in the event.

A literary corner focused on local culture, art, and festivals will also be set up at each venue along with various food stalls celebrating various types of local Indian cuisines. The cultural events will be another highlight of Jharokha. These events will last for eight days and will feature song and folk dance performances by local artists and teams. At the venue, there will be a designated corner for Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat (EBSB), which will include the culture and art of Manipur and Nagaland.




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