Jal Satyagraha ends, achieved its objectives

A Satyagraha of its own kind in Khandawa district of Madhya Pradesh named Jal Satyagraha came to an end on a winning note after continuing for 17 days at Omkareshwar Dam Project. 

What was Jal Satyagraha?

  • Jal Satyagraha was a unique demonstration in which 51 farmers from Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh stood in the neck dip water of Omkareshwar Dam for 17 days continuously demanding for their rehabilitation.
  • The agitators were demanding for their rehabilitation after their lands and homes were deluged by the Omkareshwar Dam water.
  • The water has flooded over 1000 acres of arable land with at least 60 odd villages that have disappeared from the map of India.
  • The Satygrahis demanded land for the land compensation following the ruling of Supreme Court.
  • They had demands like lowering down the water level stored in the dam to 189 meters and to provide land for land compensation.
  • The state government agreed to meet the demands of villagers and provide them land in exchange for the lands lost due to the dam.
  • The state government had also agreed to reduce the water levels of the reservoir of the dam.

Omkareshwar Dam Project

  • A 520 MW project constructed by the Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation in collaboration with Madhya Pradesh Government and NHPC.
  • Among the biggest dams on Narmada River, situated in b/w the banks of Narmada and Kaveri (a tributary to Narmada).
  • Proposed as an irrigation and power dam to be constructed in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the year 1965. 
  • About 529 villages have been benefitted with the project with irrigation facilities and in increasing the yield to 0.725 million tons of grains along with 0.835 million ton of other crops in the region.



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