IOC to build India’s first green hydrogen plant at Mathura

IOC, India’s largest oil firm will build the country’s first ‘green hydrogen’ plant at its refinery in Mathura. This decision has been undertaken with the view of preparing for a future to cater to the growing demands cleaner forms of energy.



  • This project will be the India’s first ever green hydrogen unit.
  • Earlier, ‘grey hydrogen’ production projects have been announced making use of fossil fuels such as natural gas.
  • Several hydrogen production units are being planned to be set up by IOC.
  • With Hydrogen fuel cell powered buses are plying on the road it will be essential to set up hydrogen power plants.


Types of Hydrogen Plants

  • Hydrogen is the latest buzz as it is a clean fuel but manufacturing it causes carbon by-products and it is energy-intensive.
  • Through the process of coal gasification brown hydrogen is created while this process throws off carbon waste.
  • Blue hydrogen uses carbon capture.
  • The ultimate clean hydrogen resource is green hydrogen production and it uses renewable energy to create the hydrogen fuel.
  • Hydrogen is also said to be a fuel for the future.


Importance of clean energy in India

Forecasts state that Indian fuel demand will climb to 400-450 million tonnes by 2040 as against 250 million tonnes and hence, it will be important to invest in CNG, LNG, ethanol and biodiesel.


About IOC

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) is a government owned gas and Oil Corporation that was founded in the year 1959. It’s headquarter is located in Delhi and the current chairman is Shrikant Madhav Vaidya.




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