International Day of Women Judges

On March 10th International Day of Women Judges is observed. On this day the UN reaffirms its commitment to implement and develop effective and appropriate strategies for women’s advancement in the judicial system and institution at the leadership and managerial level.

Importance of Women in the Judiciary

Women in the judiciary play a critical role in ensuring that courts represent the country’s citizens, address problems, and deliver fair decisions. The presence of women in the judiciary system strengthens the legitimacy of the system and conveys a powerful message that courts are open and accessible to all seeking justice. Women have historically been excluded from the profession, thus their appointment as judges is a great step forward for the judiciary.

History of this day

The United Nations General Assembly has declared this day as International Day of Women Judges, recognizing the progress made in achieving gender equality in the judicial system. The State of Qatar drafted the General Assembly resolution, which is proof that it will bring a positive shift in society.

Significance of this day

Sustainable Development Goal 5 of the UN is Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls. Their purpose is to make progress on all Development Goals while also including a gender perspective into the 2030 Agenda’s implementation. Women’s representation in the judicial system is important for a variety of reasons, including ensuring that the legal system is developed keeping in mind the society. The next generation of women judges and advocates are also inspired to achieve their goals. The United Nations believes that the world can achieve sustainable development, peace, and democracy via the active engagement of women on an equal footing at all levels of decision-making.




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