International Dance Day observed

The International Dance Day was celebrated, amidst the lockdown conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, through virtual collaborations across the world.

International Dance Day

International Dance Day is observed on April 29th every year to promote the participation and education in various dance forms. It is being celebrated since 1982 and the day marks the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre.

International Theatre Institute

The International Dance Day is organised by the International Theatre Institute or ITI. The ITI is was founded in 1948 and is UNESCO’s partner for performing arts. It is the largest performing arts organisation in the world and is headquartered in Paris.

Jean Georges Noverre

Jean Georges Noverre was a French dancer who is considered as the creator of the precursor of narrative ballet- called ‘ballet d’action’. The ballet d’action is a hybrid dance genre that emerged in the 18th century. Ballet, itself originating in the 15th century, is a narrative dance form that evolved during the Italian Renaissance and later in France and Russia.



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