International Coffee Day: October 1

The International Coffee Day is observed every year on October 1 to promote and celebrate coffee as beverage. Observance of this day marks global celebration of coffee’s journey from farm to your local shop and opportunity to honour men and women who grow and harvest coffee.
This year International Coffee Organization had chosen special theme: ‘Women in Coffee’. It was aimed at highlighting important role played by women in whole coffee chain as men, from planting seeds to processing to trading to brewing and drinking it. It also highlights need for equity and equality in coffee sector from bean to cup and that can only be achieved by empowering women to benefit of whole coffee sector.


The exact origin of International Coffee Day is unknown. An event was first promoted in Japan in 1983 by The All Japan Coffee Association. The official date was agreed by International Coffee Organization and was launched in Milan, Italy in 2015 to promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness for the plight of the coffee growers.

Coffee production in India

India is 6th largest coffee producer in the world with 4% share after Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia. In India, coffee is cultivated in India in about 4.54 lakh hectares by 3.66 lakh coffee farmers and 98% of them are small farmers. Karnataka (54%), Kerala (19%) and Tamil Nadu (8%) are largest coffee producing states. India accounts for only 4-5% of world’s coffee output, but exports 70-80% of its produce. Italy, Russia and Germany are the top three buyers of Indian coffee.  In India, two coffee varieties robusta (or Coffea canephora) and Coffea arabica are grown on large scale.



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