INSACOG advises for booster shots

The INSACOG (Indian SARS CoV – 2 Genomics Consortium) recently suggested a COVID-19 vaccine booster dose. The advise is for people above 40 years of age.

Why did INSACOG recommend booster shots?

The advise comes to neutralize the Omicron risks in the country. The Omicron is a COVID-19 variant that was recently identified in South Africa. It was declared as “Variant of Concern” by the World Health Organisation. According to INSACOG, it is difficult to detect the presence of the variant in earlier stages of its entry in the country.

What are booster shots?

The booster shots are additional dose of vaccine. They are given after the protection provided by the original shots begin to decrease. The booster shots help to maintain the immunity levels in people. All vaccines have booster shots.

What is the difference between additional dose and booster shots?

The booster shots are given after a person has complete his vaccine series. It is provided to increase the protection against the virus. This is because, the protection against the virus decreases over a period of time. On the other hand, the additional doses are given to people with severely compromised immune systems. It is given to improve the response of the people towards the vaccine. The additional doses are given to people who have received cancer treatment, stem cell transplant, people suffering from immunodeficiency diseases, people diagnosed with HIV.




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