India’s first infectious disease Diagnostic Lab

The first disease diagnostic laboratory is ready to be launched. The mobile laboratory was constructed under the scheme Atma Nirmar Bharat Abhiyan launched by PM Modi.


The laboratory aims to promote and support the idea of becoming self sufficient in difficult times. It was constructed in a record time of 8 days. The laboratory was built with the assistance of Department of Biotechnoogy.

About the Lab

The Lab is the first inifectious disease diagnostics lab. It is constructed with a safety level of BSL-2 (Bio Safety Level 2). It has RT-PCR (Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) machines, bio-chemistry analyzers and on-site Elisa.

The lab can perform 50 RT-PCR tests per day and around 200 ELISA tests per day. ELISA is designed to detect soluble substances such as antibodies, proteins and hormones. ELISA is Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay.

The RT-PCR is an in virto method that has a crucial role in biomaterial fields and medical science. It uses RNA material to detect pathogens.




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