Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules, 2021

The Indian Telegraph Right of Way (Amendment) Rules, 2021 was established in October 2021. It was launched to incorporate the provisions related to one-time compensation. Also, the rules provide procedure for the establishment of overground telegraph line under Indian Telegraph Right of Way rules, 2016.

Key Facts

  • The maximum amount of establishment of overground telegraph line will be Rs 1000 per kilometre.
  • The documentation for right of way application for establishing over ground telegraph line has been made simple.
  • No fee shall be collected for establishing, working, maintaining, transferring and shifting the over ground and underground telegraph infrastructure. However, the restoration charges and the administrative fee will be collected.
  • The amendments ease the right of way permission procedures to establish digital communication and infrastructure across the country
  • The digital divide between rural and urban areas is to be bridged. This is to be done by strengthening financial inclusion and e-governance. Also, communication needs of citizens, ease of doing business is to be strengthened.

What is Right of Way in telecommunication?

It is the legal right that allows online filing of application. This is basically the framework to set up telecom towers, settling disputes, laying fibre cables and improve coordination between companies.


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