Indian peacekeeping Force in South Sudan Awarded UN Medal of Honour

150 Indian peacekeepers serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) were honoured with medals of honour by the United Nations for their dedicated service and sacrifice.

United Nations Mission in South Sudan

  • UNMISS is working to deter violence against civilians by providing a safe and secure environment for South Sudanese people who have fled violence and sought sanctuary at Protection of Civilian sites across the country.
  • UNMISS peacekeepers are also working to facilitate the safe delivery of humanitarian assistance, such as food, clean water, shelter and healthcare, to the millions of displaced people.
  • UNMISS aims to provide a safe and supported environment so that these people can return to their former homes and communities to live safely and with dignity.
  • UNMISS also protects, monitors, investigates, and reports on human rights violations and abuses with a strong focus on the most vulnerable, such as women and children and those who are subjected to sexual and gender-based violence.

UNMISS is committed to helping build durable peace in South Sudan. UNMISS is working as a partner at a national and sub-national level with political, religious, traditional and community leaders as well as at grassroots with communities and individuals across the country to advance reconciliation efforts, to strengthen conflict resolution mechanisms and build national cohesion as well as to engage in regional and international peace initiatives.

UN Peacekeeping Missions and India

India is one of the top troop-contributing nations to UN Peacekeeping Missions. Till date, more than 200,000 military and police have served under the various peacekeeping missions and 168 Indian military personnel have lost their lives under the UN flag.
Currently, India is the second largest contributor of peacekeepers to UNMISS with more than 2,400 military and police personnel currently deployed the mission.




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