Indian National Young Academy of Sciences: COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Campaign

The Department of Science and Technology recently launched nationwide mass awareness campaign called the “COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Campaign”. The campaign will bust myths about COVID-19 vaccination. To achieve this, the Department launched information packages in eleven languages including Hindi and English. The main objective of the campaign is to make COVID-19 immunization programme successful.

About the Campaign

  • The campaign is to be organized by Indian National Young Academy of Science.
  • The campaign is to be held using the mobile application COVACNEWS. The application was created by INYAS to ensure that the information about COVID-19 reaches the people. Also, it aimed at removing misconceptions about COVID-19.


  • INYAS is the only recognized young scientist academy of India.
  • INYAS is also the first young scientist academy in the country.
  • It was founded in 2014.
  • INYAS was established by Indian National Science Academy Council in 2014.
  • The main aim of INYAS is to promote Science Education and networking among young scientists in the country.

Young Scientists Programmes in India

The Government of India has lately been launching several initiatives to create young innovative minds in the country.

  • The Atal Tinkering Labs were launched under Atal Innovative Mission to inculcate scientific desire and boost innovative skills among students in their early stages of life.
  • The Indian Space Research Organization had launched the Young Scientist Programme. The main aim of the programme is to inculcate space research passion in young minds.
  • The Defence Research Development Organisation launched five young scientist laboratories. They are in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. These labs will work on technologies that hold importance in the development of futuristic defence systems such as Quantum technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Asymmetric Technologies, and Smart materials.




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