Indian Army ‘Skylight’ Mega- Exercise

The Indian Army recently conducted “Skylight Mega-Exercise”, to enhance its space domain capabilities. It was first of its kind large-scale exercise. Skylight exercise was aimed at testing operational readiness of satellite communication assets and giving training to personnel manning these assets.

Important facts about the Skylight Mega-exercise include;

  • Skylight Mega-Exercise was pan-India exercise, covering Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands. It also covered high reaches of India’s northern borders where Indian Army had activated all satellite communication assets from July 25-29, 2022.
  • During the exercise, several technical and operational scenarios in space domain were pointed up.
  • The exercise witnessed the participation of ISRO and other agencies responsible for space & ground segments.
  • More than 280 platforms were checked in field formations.
  • Indian Army makes use of services of a number of satellites by ISRO. These satellites are used to connect multiple communication terminals of different types, including transportable vehicle mounted terminals, static terminals, small form factor etc.

Communication Satellite of Indian Army:

Satellite communication networks are being used by The Indian Army across some of the remote border areas. On the other hand, Navy and Air Force have satellite of their own. Thus, Indian Army is also working to have its own communication satellite, called GSAT-7B, by 2025. Indian Army got the nod from Defence Acquisition Council to work on Satellite GSAT-7B in March 2022.

About GSAT-7B Satellite:

The GSAT-7B satellite is an indigenous multiband satellite, that has been designed with advanced security features. Satellite will extend support to tactical communication needs of the troops deployed on the ground as well remotely piloted air defence weapons, aircraft, & other mission.




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