India – Chad Relations

Chad became independent in 1960. It was under the French rule. However, the bilateral relations between India and Chad saw a significant growth only after 2004. Even after many bilateral visits the trade between the countries was miniscule. After the India – Africa project partnership conclave in 2005, India’s investments towards the country began to increase.

Another significant event in the history of bilateral relations between the countries is the President Itno’s visit along with 32 other delegates from Chad. They visited India to attend the IAFS summit in 2015. Following this the trade increased. In 2016 – 17, India exported 38.56 million USD worth goods to Chad. In the same year the imports to India from the country was 169.36 million USD worth goods. The major imports from Chad are cotton, rubber, gum – resins, oleoresins, etc. The major exports to Chad from India are pharmaceuticals.

India provided 40.32 million USD line of credit for major projects in Chad. They were rural electrification, production unit for livestock, extension of spinning mills, compost production unit. Chad also signed the Pan African E – network installed by India.

There is no air connectivity between India and Chad. This is mainly because, there are only 200 Indians living in the country. They are employed in trade and oil projects.


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