India Argentina relations

The relations between India and Argentina were cordial and warm since the British times. India opened its trade commission in Buenos Aires in 1943. The center was later converted into Indian embassy in 1943. It was the first embassy established by India in the continent of South America.

India provides 35 ITEC slots to the country. The slots are mostly utilized by the Argentine diplomats to attend training courses in India. The trade between the country mainly includes oil. Apart from oil, India also imports copper, sunflower oil, wool, leather, etc. The imports were of 2186 million USD in 2016. In the same year India exported 596 million USD worth goods. The exports include organic chemicals, vehicles, machinery.

Though India suffers trade deficit with Argentina mainly because of oil, the countries have supported each other on major international issues. India ha always extended its support in Malvinas Islands of issue and on the issue of sovereign debt servicing.

In 2007, India launched Peheunsat, an Argentine nano – satellite. Both the countries are part of Antarctic treaty. The treaty was signed in 1961. It sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve. According to the treaty no country can establish military activity in the continent.

There are around 2400 Indians living in the country. Majority of them belong to Sindhi community.

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