India-ADB sign PRF loan to support Urban Mobility in Mizoram

The Government of India and Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a $4.5 million project readiness financing (PRF) loan on October 26, 2021.

Key Points

  • The loan agreement will support project preparation and design activities for improving urban mobility in capital city, Aizawl in the state of Mizoram.
  • PRF supports the development of long-term solutions for improve urban mobility by identifying high-priority urban transport investments in Aizawl.
  • It will help in ensuing project and enhancing its readiness by extending support to due diligence and preparatory activities.

Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP)

Under PRF, a Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) will be developed for Aizawl. The plan outlines the urban transport development strategy. It also helps in building synergies with urban development planning initiatives. The plan further promotes climate & disaster resilience as well as gender inclusiveness in its interventions.

Significance of the loan

Aizawl is the centre of administrative and service industry of Mizoram. But Urban mobility in Aizawl is severely constrained because of rapid and unplanned urbanization. This led to traffic congestion on narrow road widths. It impacts road safety, movement efficiency of people & goods as well as environmental sustainability. Thus, this project is significant as it seeks to resolve the transport problems in city by adopting sustainable urban mobility solutions.

How PRF will help?

The PRF loan will help in conducting feasibility studies to prioritize projects that are identified in the CMP. It will prepare detailed project reports and detailed design for the project.




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