Increase in Global Measles by 300%: WHO

The WHO has reported that the measles cases have increases by 300% in the first 3 months of 2019.  The rise is exponential higher as compared to last year. Measles can be prevented by 2 doses of vaccines. However, the global body claims that skipping of vaccination rates has been increasing lately.

170 countries have reported 112, 163 measles cases so far.

Measles is a air borne infection. It causes fever, rashes, coughs and is also deadly in some cases. At present, there is an anti ”vax movement driven by fraudulent claims that the MMR vaccines have the potential to risk autism in children. MMR vaccines fight against measles and rubella.

The increase has occurred in countries like USA where the participation rates of the vaccine program are higher. It has also occurred in countries where conflicts were at its peak like Yemen where the increase was more than 300% as compared to 2018. Madagascar also saw a great increase due to malnutrition among children.


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