Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act

The Senator of United States recently blocked a bill that would give refugee status to Hong Kong people. The bill is called the Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act.

About the Act

Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act is a US bill that seeks to give special refugee status, called ‘Temporary Protected Status’ to Hong Kong citizens in the USA. It would also allow them to reside and work in the country as a part of a federal program for individuals from war-ridden countries and for those seeking refuge from other difficult circumstances like natural disasters. The legislation seeks to protect the Hong Kongers from ‘China’s tightening grip’. 


The bill is important because it sought to protect the Hong Kongers from facing persecution under the Chinese Government. It tightens the grip by permitting the residents already residing in the United States to remain in the country if they feared harassment by the Government and authorities in Hong Kong.

Why was the law blocked?

According to the Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, who recently blocked the bill, the democrats used the bill to advance their long-standing goals of changing the immigration laws. The Senator also believes that China might exploit US Immigration laws. It will ultimately lead to Chinese Spies working in the US in the interest of China.


Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. It is a metropolitan area located in the eastern Pearl river Delta of the South China Sea. Hong Kong is the eight largest trading entity in the world.

The United States uses Hong Kong to make investments in China. However, after the National Security Law imposed by China in the Hong Kong region the scenarios changed. Under the law, security agencies, external affairs are controlled by the Chinese.




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