‘Hit and Run’ Solatium

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry have decided to increase the compensation to the kin of hit-and-run victims by eight times to Rs 2 lakh in case of death starting April 1. The solatium for a person who suffers serious injuries in a hit-and-run case would be increased from Rs 12,500 to Rs 50,000.


  • Compensation to Victims of Hit and Run Motor Accidents Scheme, 2022 might be the name given to this scheme.
  • The ministry has come up with a method for conducting extensive investigations of road accidents, preparing Detailed Accident Reports (DARs), and reporting them, as well as timelines for the various stakeholders for quick claim settlements.
  • The Solatium Scheme, 1989 will be superseded by this new scheme from April 1, 2022, onwards.

What are the changes made under the new scheme?

The government will also establish a Motor Vehicles Accident Fund, which will be used to compensate the victims of hit-and-run accidents and provide treatments for those who have been injured.

The application process for compensation and the victims’ release of payment has also been made time-bound. Rules have also been published by the ministry regarding the Motor Vehicles Accident Funds operation, creation, sources of funds, etc.

Road accident in India

In 2019, 1,655 persons were injured and 536 persons were killed in accidents that were categorized as ‘hit and run’ in the national capital. According to the latest data of the government, during 2020, in India, a total of 3,66,138 road accidents occurred which caused 1,31,714 deaths.




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