Haryana Police adopts unique barcoding software ‘Trakea’

The state police department of Haryana has adopted a unique barcoding software that will ensure foolproof security to the thousands of forensic samples that form the backbone during any criminal investigation system and subsequent trials, collected from the scene of the crime to be tampered free. Trakea will ensure a secure and tamper-free tracking system for all forensic reports in the state of Haryana, it features two-stage barcoding that maintains the secrecy of the samples. As the barcoding is unique, only authorized investigating officers and forensic science experts shall be able to track the scientific examination reports.
The software was originally developed by a prisoner, software engineer by profession in 13 months during his time at the Bhondsi jail where he was acquitted by the trial court for having murdered his wife. According to the Haryana Police official, this system is the first of its kind to be implemented by any police force from the state level and Forensic Science Laboratory without disclosing the details such as the name of parties, FIR number, etc.



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