Gujarat: The Solankis of Gujarat

The Solankis were also one of the Agnikula clans of the Rajputs, however, it is believed that they descend from the Badami Chalukyas.

  • The Capital of Solankis was Anhilwara which is now Sidhpur Patan.
  • The Solankis were patrons of the Somnath Temple.

The dynasty was established by one chief named Mularaja who reigned from 942 to 996 AD.

  • The Mularaja period is known as beginning of the Gujarati Culture, language and script.

The territories were known as Gujarjardesj, Gurjararastra and now Gujarat. The successors of Mularaja were overshadowed by Raja Bhoj of Dhar and they were reduced to vassals of the Malwa Kingdom. One important ruler of this dynasty was Bhimdev I who reigned from 1022-1063 AD. He was a vassal of the Malwa King Bhoj. When Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked Somnath, he fled and took shelter in Kutch. It was Raja Bhoj that chased Mahmud and Mahmud returned via the Thar Deserts.

When Raja Bhoj died Bhimdev declared himself independent. Bhimdev was succeeded by Karnadeva. All other successors were less important. The Solanki dynasty lost control over Gujarat in 1243 and in 1297; Gujarat was conquered by the Delhi Sultanate.

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