GSFC launches indigenous varieties of Calcium Nitrate and Boronated Calcium Nitrates

On October 9, 2020, the Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals India Limited (GSFC) launched the indigenous variety of boronated calcium nitrate and Calcium nitrate. The Chemicals are being manufactured in the country for the first time. All these years these Chemicals were imported from other countries

Calcium nitrate

The calcium nitrate is used as water soluble fertilizer. It is also used to increase the strength of cement concrete and also in wastewater treatment.

It is a multi-purpose fertilizer that is used to provide the macronutrient, nitrogen, to the plants and also to prevent diseases. Also, calcium is essential for the plants to produce healthy seeds. Seeds rich in calcium have better shelf life.

Boronated calcium nitrate

Boron has a crucial role in plant functions. It includes cell wall stability, formation and maintenance of structural and functional integrity. Boron is also essential for movement of sugar in growing parts of the plant. Also, Boron helps in seed set and pollination.

Boron deficiency is a widespread micro nutrient deficiency all over the world. It causes large losses in crop production. Boron deficiency seldom leads to death of Meristem, inhibition of cell expansion and reduced fertility. The optimum Boron content of leaves should be between 20 and 100 PPM.

Current scenario

Currently the GSFC the has the capacity to manufacture 10,000 tons of the Chemicals per year. In three months, the production is expected to increase to 15000 tons per year full stop the plan is to increase the production to 30000 tons in next 12 months.


India all these years has been importing the Chemicals from Norway Israel and China. Apart from importing, GFSC also imports and sells to other countries. In 2019 around 4600 tonnes of the Chemicals where imported and sold.

In 2019 India imported 1.25 lakh tonnes of calcium nitrate. This costed rupees 225 crores. Of this 76 % was imported from China.




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