Goa Purple Fest

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant recently unveiled the logo for the Goa Purple Fest, which is set to be held in January 2023.

What is Goa Purple Fest?

  • “Purple Fest: Celebrating Diversity” will be organized from January 6 to 8 next year in Panaji.
  • The event will be jointly organized by State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Goa, in collaboration with Directorate of Social Welfare and Entertainment Society of Goa.
  • This first-of-its-kind festival will benefit persons with disabilities.
  • It is a unique three-day event that aims to demonstrate how people can come together to support and make everyone in the society feel included.
  • It will feature live performances, grand exhibitions, sporting activities, immersive experience zones, and an innovation mela.
  • It will include various competitions, accessible movie screenings, a mega car rally and discussions focusing on topics like inclusive education, employment, tourism, and independent living.
  • The aim of the event is to remove the barriers that make PwDs disabled like discrimination, stigma and stereotyping.
  • It seeks to create the perception that disability is created due to attitudinal, physical, systemic, communication, and technological barriers that are present the society.
  • The event aims to change the society’s perspective of disability and collaborate with the PwD to remove these barriers.
  • Its goal is to create a society where people with disabilities feel included rather expecting individuals to accommodate for the society.

Why purple was chosen for this event?

In recent years, the colour purple is popularly associated with disability. It symbolizes an emerging positive narrative about the contributions made by persons with disabilities in the workforce as well as in the society. The colour is being used by campaigners, charities and governments to refer to the power of disabled people. The emergence of purple as the symbol of disabled people can be traced back to the 2010 protest movement opposing the benefit cuts. Its use can help create an inclusive society by challenging outdated perceptions and prejudices.




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