Global Energy Transition Index

The World Economic Forum recently released the Global Energy Transition Index. The index was prepared in collaboration with Accenture.

Key findings of the Report

  • The ten countries that topped the index were from the Northern and Western parts of Europe.
  • Sweden ranked first in the report followed by Norway and Denmark.
  • The other countries that topped the index were as follows:
    • Switzerland at Rank 4
    • Austria at Rank 5
    • Finland at Rank 6
    • United Kingdom at Rank 7
    • New Zealand at Rank 8
    • France at Rank 9
    • Iceland at Rank 10
  • India ranked 87th in the index.
  • China was ranked 68th in the index.
  • Around 92 out of 115 countries performed better in their aggregate score. This shows a positive direction in global energy transition.

Report on India and China

According to the report, India is bringing in energy transitions through subsidy reforms. On the other hand, China is focusing on expanding renewables through investments and infrastructure.

Both India and China together account to one-third of the global energy demand.

About the report

The Global Energy Transition Index benchmarks 115 countries based in their performance across three dimensions namely Environmental sustainability, economic development and growth and energy security.

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World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is an international organisation for private and public cooperation. The headquarters of WEF is located in Switzerland.




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