First Jerusalem-Mumbai festival held in Mumbai

The Jerusalem-Mumbai festival is to be held in Mumbai on February 15, 2020 to promote artistic and cultural ties between Israel and India. The festival is first of its kind.


The aim of the festival is to establish links between the cities Jerusalem and Mumbai. The idea was mooted during PM Modi’s visit to Israel in July 2019. The festival will boost cultural ties between the countries that will help to boost the partnership between them.


The main aim of the festival is to promote cooperation between the countries in the field of music, culinary art and dance.


The festival will act as a common platform for the individuals from cinema, high-technology and tourism to cooperate, learn from each other and also develop.


Israel has so far done similar cooperation with the countries such as Prague, Brussels and Moscow.


India maintains cordial relations between both Israel and Palestine. India urges both the countries to frame solutions. The “two-state solution” envisioned for the countries aims to solve the key matter of dispute between the countries. The countries conflict over boundaries.




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