E-portal of accreditation scheme

Minister of Coal and Mine, Pralhad Joshi, inaugurated the “E-portal of accreditation scheme” for minerals exploration on November 23, 2021.

Key Points

  • Minister also handed over 52 mines block to the government representatives from 15 state.
  • This scheme was launched at the 5th National Conclave on Mines and Minerals at New Delhi.
  • On the occasion, minister facilitated 149 awards for last 3 years to the coal and mine sector. These sectors have been awarded for their 5-star rating performance and sustainable mining.
  • He also handed over 52 mines blocks to 15 states including two north-eastern states. 52 blocks have been approved by Geological Survey of India for minerals mining.

Significance of the E-portal of accreditation scheme

Launch of the portal help in simplifying the application process for mining blocks exploration. It will also help in ensuring transparency during the auction of coals. The portal will bring all the stakeholders together on this digital platform, in order to work for the country.

Geological Survey of India (GSI)

GSI is a scientific agency of India, which was founded in 1851. It is an agency under Ministry of Mines organisation. It conducts geological surveys and studies of India. GSI works as the prime provider of basic earth science information to general public, industry and government besides official participant in coal, steel, cement, metals, power industries and international geoscientific forums.




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