Deloitte Women in Boardroom report

The Women in the Boardroom report was recently released by Deloitte Global. This is the seventh edition of the report. According to the report, women hold only 17.1% board seats in India. However, this has increased. In 2014, it was 9.4%. 2014 has been taken as base year of comparison because in 2013, the companies act mandated that every board should have at least one woman member.

Women representation in chair positions

The report said that only 3.6% of the chairpersons are women in the country. The women representation in chair positions has come down in the last four years. Globally, the women representation in boards is 19.7%. This has increased by 2.8% as compared to 2018. Between 2016 and 2018, the increase was 1.9%. At this pace, the equality in representation all over the world shall be achieved only by 2045.

Countries that showed improvement

The number of women chairs increased in Canada, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Spain, US and UK.

Women in CEO roles

In 2021, the number of women taking up CEO roles in India increased. Around 4.7% of the CEOs in India were women in 2021. It was 3.4% in 2018. Globally, the women CEO percentage was 33.5%. It was 19.4% in 2018.

Tenure of women director

The average tenure of women directors in the country increased to 5.1 years in in 2021. It was 5 years in 2018. Globally, the number decreased to 5.1 years. It was 5.5 years in 2018. In US, the tenure decreased from 6.3 years to 5.3 years. In UK, it decreased from 4.1 years to 3.6 years. In Canada, it decreased from 5.7 years to 5.2 years.

About the report

The seventh edition of the report updated the women status in the boards across 72 countries. Currently the trend is shifting towards diverse board working on unified purpose.




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